My entire athletic career, every work out I did ended the same, with some type of core exercises. If you are anything like me, by this point in the work out you where close to throwing or just ready to be done! While being close to throwing up the last thing I wanted to do was contract my abdominal muscles more. It has only been with age and vast amounts of studying that I have come to realize the importance that our core plays in all the movements we do. From the Pro athlete to the father of 3 that works 80 hours a week, core and core strength is important for athletic performance and for a better quality of life.

If you have been though any of our JASAT work outs you have heard our trainers say,“belly button to spine,” “engage your core” “stay tight” and a host of other phrases to remind you to keep you anterior core engaged. It is important to learn how to train the core while doing the entire work out, not just at the end as conventional wisdom has instructed us to do.

I will end this week’s post with an article from Eric Cressy that I feel does a very good job of going into why our core is so important and how we can make it stronger. I really enjoyed this article and I hope you do to.

6 Reasons Anterior Core Stability Exercises Are Essential” (by Eric Cressey)

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