Jaxson Appel Speed & Agility Training, sport performance training in Houston, is designed to teach proper running fundamentals to athletes of all sports. At JASAT, our classes are not sports-specific. Instead, the aim is to increase overall athletic ability.

Who We Are

We teach athletes proper running fundamentals. With us, you will become a more efficient runner and better able to control and move within the framework of your body, thus making you a better athlete and better at your respective sport(s). You will learn where to place your hands, feet, and arms to achieve proper angles within your own body.


Selim Nurudeen “During the Thanksgiving holiday week, my wife (Shalonda Solomon), an Adidas sponsored track and field athlete as well as previous National Champion, need a place to complete her lifting work out. We were so lucky to have contacted Jaxson of JASAT. Our experience was awesome! Not only was Shalonda, able to complete her workouts, but she was also able to learn new lifting techniques the will definitely help her in the future. I too was able to learn new exercises and can’t wait to add them to my training plan. Jaxson was truly a Godsend and give us such an invaluable experience. Anyone who is looking to learn proper mechanics, needs to look no further. JASAT is where it is at!”
– Selim Nurudeen, 2x Olympic Semi-Finalist 110m Hurdles

“In the two years I spent working with Jaxson, it was clear to me that I was around one of the most driven, hard-working competitors that I have encountered in all my years coaching and playing football. He has a passion for getting the most out of himself and his athletes, and for kids who have a desire to become better athletes. There is no better person to push you than Jaxson. He knows what it takes to perform at the highest level and the work it takes to get there.”
– Zac Taylor, Head Coach of the Cincinnati Bengals

Cody Wallace “Jaxson was a tremendous player at Texas A&M; his dedication and work ethic were the epitome of Aggie Football. He was a player that I looked up to and admired his tenacity on the field. Jaxson knows what it takes to compete at one of the highest levels. I have no doubt he will carry that into his new field training athletes.”
– Cody Wallace, Pittsburgh Steelers OL NFL

Cole Anderson “Coach Appel has done it at every level of the sport and knows what it takes to be successful. He demands hard work because it breeds success and gets the desired results.”
– Cole Anderson, Iowa State Cyclones TE Big 12

Anthony Makransky “Jaxson Appel’s training has proved extremely helpful. Since being trained by him, I have undoubtedly become a better athlete. He is a detailed instructor who has a goal to make sure his students understand the proper mechanics. This references running form as well as correct lifting form and has led to increasing my strength, speed, agility, and flexibility. I would encourage athletes within the Houston area to train with him. Jaxson Appel’s detailed training has led to me become an all-around better athlete.”
– Anthony Makransky #19, University of Wyoming

Jesse Brewster “In just 5 short weeks of working with Jaxson over my winter break, I could definitely see the difference in my strength, footwork, and running form. I was in an environment where I was constantly pushed and motivated, but Jaxson took the time to learn how much my body could handle so I didn’t do anything unnecessary to hurt myself. At the end of the season, I was not where I needed to be. After working with Jaxson over the break, I returned to school confident that I was in a good place physically to start off-season. Thank you Jaxson!”
– Jesse Brewster, University of Lamar OL

Jimmy “JASAT is a special program. When you reach the collegiate level of play, it’s no longer who works the hardest but the combination of hard work and attention to detail. That’s what JASAT brings. Not only do you work hard, but every motion is calculated and corrected to perfection. This includes warm-ups, running form, and weight training. That is the difference between a role player and an all-conference player, and that’s why I chose to work with JASAT. I would recommend any athlete serious about getting better at their craft to work with Jaxson and his team.”
– Jimmy Bauer, Colorado School of Mines LB

Johnathon “Training with Jaxson was a great experience. In the short amount of time we spent training, I learned a number of things. One thing that stuck out to me was the fact that he demonstrated every movement that was included throughout the entire workout. Each day he emphasized certain things which kept me focused throughout the workout. From on the field speed training to the weight lifting, the information I received are things I will use for the remainder of my time playing football. Training with Jaxson was something I always wanted to do. Growing up in Friendswood as a little kid he was always someone I looked up to as a football player. He also spent some time in the NFL, so it’s nice to learn from someone who has accomplished something you are trying to do! Not only is he a great coach, he is someone I can reach out to and receive advice from outside of just training and football.”
– Johnathon Johnson, University of Tennessee WR


Jaxson Appel
Jaxson AppelCEO/Founder
Jaxson is a former Division I and Professional Athlete. He played at Friendswood High School (1998-2001) and was named All-State Player both on offense and defense. He continued his education and football career at Texas A&M Univeristy (2001-2005). Jaxson was a 4-year starter at Strong and Free Safety, 1st team All-Big 12, and Tennessee Titans free agent in 2005. Jaxson is married to his wife, Courtney, with four children, Tade, Lawson, Navi, and Joc.

Plex – Trained college football players for NFL Draft
Houston Texans – College scout
Texas A&M – Graduate Assistant/Linebackers
Clear Falls High School – Defensive Coordinator/Secondary
Carmelo Rodriguez
Carmelo RodriguezSpeed Power Coach
Carmelo is a former three sport athlete including baseball, soccer, and basketball and currently a long-distance road/trail runner. He was born in Ponce, Puerto Rico and moved to Louisiana at age two with his family. He speaks English and Spanish fluently. He played soccer as a varsity letterman at Hahnville High School (1998-2001) and ran the Crescent City Classic 10K as a fifteen-year-old while finishing top 500 with a pace time of 6:42 per mile.

He continued his education at the University of New Orleans and received a Bachelor of Science degree from the Department of Psychology in 2006. Carmelo moved to Texas in 2009 and completed a five-year apprenticeship from Pipefitter/HVAC Local 211 in Houston. After working ten years for Local 211 at places such as Marathon Oil and NASA Johnson Space Center, Carmelo made a career change and returned to his passion for fitness as a long-distance runner. He graduated from San Jacinto Community College with a Certificate of Technology from the Personal Trainer Program in 2022 and passed the American Council of Exercise Exam for Personal Trainers in 2023. He is still happily married to his high school sweetheart, Christy.

Elijah Martinez
Elijah Martinez Speed Power Coach
Eli is a former Division III basketball athlete. He played at Friendswood High School (2014-2018) and continued his education/career at Dean College (2018-2019). Elijah has found a passion to be able to pursue ministry as he continues his career as a coach. Elijah can be seen encouraging every athlete as they walk into the gym with a loud “LET’S GO” and a hand shake.


Jaxson Appel Speed and Agility Training

JASAT is designed teach proper running fundamentals to athletes of all sports

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